VGo: Remotely Attend School

Overview of the Problem

  • Many children are unable to attend school in person because of a physical disability, a weaken immune system, or severe allergies.
  • Students confined to their home feel isolated as they do not get to interact with other students.

Solution: VGo

  • Starting in 2011, the emergence of ubiquitous Wi-Fi Internet connections at many public schools has enabled a new option.
  • Students can now virtually and synchronously attend school using a four-foot tall remote-controlled robot called a VGo.
  • The student can control the VGo robot from the safety of his or her bedroom using a laptop.

The VGo devices enables students that cannot leave their home or hospital to participate in the classroom

  • Great for students developmentally since they get to engage socially with their peers.
  • Enables students that cannot physically attend school to have the opportunity to virtually attend school with other students, learn with their peers, form friendships, and socially interact with people.
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How It Works:

Verizon promotes robotic telepresence by VGo


  • The VGo device itself costs $5,995
  • It also requires a $1,200 annual subscription fee.

What’s Required

  • High speed Wi-Fi Internet Connection
  • Training on the Schools end. If the device is in a ‘Deadzone’ where the Wi-Fi signal is lost or its battery dies, then they will need to physically pick up the VGo and move it to a place where it can reconnect to the Internet Connection or charging dock.
  • Students can use a Windows PC, ApplePC, iPad, or select tablets to drive the VGo. More details at


  • Most users learn to drive in about 5 minutes. Some will take about an hour of continuous driving to get used to the controls that combine speed and direction with the movement of the mouse pointer.
  • The device has a six hour battery life, so the student will need to be responsible for connecting it to a charging station when necessary. It can be self-docked remotely by the student driver.

Why It's Great

“Life for me was the isolation of four walls of home or the hospital. I will graduate with honors in a few short days thanks impart to the VGo”
~ Lyndon Baty

Learn more about Lyndon at