red kangaroo

The red kangaroo is an Australian native mammal.

Its scientific name is macropus rufus. Red kangaroos are macropods and marsupials.

Red kangaroos look fluffy, very tall and have a very long tail. Did you know that the male red kangaroo weighs 85 kilograms and the female red kangaroo weighs 35 kilograms. The male may weigh up to 90 kilograms and the female may weigh up to half of that. Red kangaroos live in arid zones in NSW, , West Australia, South Australia , Queensland and Northern Territory. Red kangaroos eat green leaves and water from rain.

When the joey is born it weighs 2 kilograms. Red kangaroos have living babies in their pouches. 33 day after the joey is conceived it is born. One of the red kangaroos’ predators is a dingo. Dingos eat the red kangaroo’s tummy to get the joey.

For the Red kangaroo to survive hunting needs to be limited.