When You Reach Me

Book Report by Sydney Bailey


When You Reach Me is a book about time travel, friendship, and surviving sixth grade. Here in New York City lives Miranda, a girl who's favorite book is A Wrinkle in Time. Her best friend is Sal and when walking home each day they know where to go, who to see, and who to avoid, like the "Laughing Man" on the street corner. One day Sal gets punched on the street and shuts Miranda out of his life forever. Strange things begin with a missing key and a note in its place saying that it is here to save Miranda and her friend. When the notes keep coming she realizes that this person knows things that have either just happened or haven't happened yet. As Miranda gets to know and hang out with her new friends, Annemarie and Colin, she figures out how all of this happened. Time Travel. But who is leaving these clues? To figure that out she needs to find the right help. She finds Marcus, the guy who punched Sal, and Julia, who explains how time travel works. As the story progresses, and after a crazy chase, Laughing Man is dead. We come to find out that Laughing Man ran in front of a truck to save Sal, and was the time traveler. He was the future version of Marcus. The books ends with Miranda giving present day Marcus information about what has happened in the past few months.