Get your CCMS Yearbook Now!

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Your Yearbook's Information!

The yearbook is a book where you can see your peer's school portraits, sports teams, teachers and much more! It is $18 at the front office and you can get your yearbook by January 31st, 2016! The yearbook is 99% student-made and 1% Mr. Crouch (7th grade teacher and wrestling coach) made. The yearbook has 64 pages altogether and it is filled with color and school information, and a little bit of food for the staff, they deserve it.

The Memories Will Never End!

Why You Need a Yearbook!

The yearbook will establish memories of your previous year and give you a look-back over your summer vacation. You can remember that you could have been in drama club, or in football, or even just being in the miscellaneous category! It is a fun and easy way to spend your time over the summer if you have nothing to do. Why not pay $18 for memories than not?! It is full of color, memories and school... the best part!

~Ivy Cater