Mrs. Gantt's Class

Week of March 16, 2015

What's Been Happening in our class

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Spring Break! We are headed toward the home stretch now. If you have not attended your annual ARD for your student it should be coming up very soon. Spring is just around the corner and we are hoping to be able to get outside once we get back to school and enjoy some nice weather.

We are almost all the way through the alphabet! This week we will be working on letter "R"! Your child is doing a great job recognizing letters A-Q and coming up with words that begin with these letters! The week before Spring Break we were learning about Texas and Texas symbols and working on the letter Q. We made quesadilla's for our cooking the Friday before Spring Break. We cook every Friday so they are learning lots of cooking skills in addition to the math, science, and reading skills that go along with cooking.

We were getting ready for Open House but unfortunately it was postponed until Thursday, March 19th due to the weather. Hopefully we are past the snow days!

Social Skills: We continue working very hard to be kind to our friends and use kind words and actions.

Letter of the Week

This week we will be working on letter R. I will send home letter bags again this week, they will need to bring them on Thursday.

Next week we will be working on letter S.

Coming Soon....

  • We will be planning several field trips for the spring. We plan to be out of the building while the other students are taking the STAAR test this month and next month. Testing days are March 30th and 31st and April 20-22.
  • The week of the testing we will be planning a meal with Mrs. Lovett's class. We will decide what we are going to make for lunch on Friday, make a list of items we need from the grocery store. On March 30th we will walk to the store and buy our groceries for Friday's lunch. Each student will be responsible for buying an item while they are at the store so that they can work through the entire process of planning, buying and then preparing a meal. We will then stop at McDonald's for lunch before returning to school.
  • March 31st we will be taking a bus to the Carrollton Police Department for a tour. We will then go to the Home Depot across the street from the Police Station where the students will build a project. This day we will either bring lunches or stop on the way back to school and have lunch. I will keep you posted on lunch.
  • April 20-22 are the dates for testing in April. We have some fun things planned for that time as well so stay tuned.

Happenings from Homestead to Hebron

March 16: Return to school

March 19: Open House

March 27: Early Release

March 30-31: STAAR Testing (campus closed to visitors)

April 1: Circle of Friends

April 2-3: Student Holidays

April 8 - 9: Kindergarten Registration

April 14: Learning Fest Night

April 16: Think College Thursday

April 20 - 22: STAAR Testing (campus closed to visitors)

April 21: PTA Meeting (1st grade performs)

May 6: 1st Grade Field Trip (Dallas Arboretum)

May 19: PTA Meeting (5th grade performs)

May 21: Think College Thursday

May 25: Holiday

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