The Roanoke Island Colony

By Samuel Primm

A Led Colony

On July 4th,1584 a leader named Phillip Amadas he led an expedition. Both him and Arthur Barbae landed on Roanoke Island. Tasked by Raleigh with exploring the Eastern coast. They all established a rudimentary settlement and made contact with the local secoton and craoton tribes. VOCABULARY -Rudimentary means involving or limited to basic principles.

Making Money

In the early 1600's Merchants try to set up the Virginia Colony to try to establish another colony To raise money. The merchants sold stock or shares of ownership to the others. Those who bought stock would share in the colony's profit.

Roanoke Island Settlement

In the early 1585 English colonist try to settle in Roanoke what they now call it North Carolina. They ran out on food and water to eat and drink so they returned to England in 1856. The second colonist group they disappeared from Roanoke Colony. As it became unknown and called a mystery.

John White

On May 8th,1587 over 117 men women and children left the England Colony and they went to sail across the Atlantic Ocean the was happy because the other travelers read story's the colonist was under command by John White headed for a destination on the Chesapeake bay watershed.