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An Opportunity:

As we begin, and what seems like, a new school year, please think of this new time as an opportunity for you to grow and challenge yourself. Online learning plays a big part in high school and beyond. Being able to overcome, and learn from, challenges in life will help make you stronger and smarter.
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How Do I Talk To A Counselor?

TEAMs code: ei4p7ee <- make sure you join this.

Any STUDENT who needs to speak with a counselor, please use the button below.

Any PARENT who needs to speak with a counselor, please use the following contacts:

Mr. Metz: 407-891-3200 x85307

Ms. Hoffman: 407-891-3200 x85304

Ms. Roop: 407-891-3200 x85309

Do not make an appointment for a life-threatening emergency, please use the contact info under "Crisis Information."

Student Appointments

Click here to make an appointment with your school counselor

Crisis Information

Experiencing a life-threatening emergency? Please call 9-1-1 or 2-1-1 (Devereux's Mobile Crisis unit)

Would you like to be connected to a mental health professional at your school? Call 407-343-8787

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