Motivation Board:

What drives my success in life

Short Term Goal: My 4 Week Project

In the next 4 weeks, I will create the habit of going to the gym everyday. I am a regular member of the gym, but I would be interested in seeing how going everyday will effect my energy levels.
I lift things up and put them down -Planet Fitness Commercial-HD

Short Term Goal : My 4 Month Project

I would like to sell my car within the next 4 months. I am waiting until after I graduate from High School. I will need something much more fuel efficient. I view it as something symbolic, because it is a big step to sell your first car.
Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!

Long Term Goal : My 4 Year Project

Within the next 4 years I would love to learn how to surf. It is a huge fear of mine, but a huge passion. It would be incredibly neat to say that I accomplished this. It will take a lot of practice and courage!

Long Term Goal : My Forever Project

My goal in life is to be healthy; that may seem simplistic, but I value it greatly. I think that when you are healthier, you are happier. I am not talking about how thin someone is or how good they look. I am talking about being the healthiest (both nutritionally and mentally/emotionally) that a person can be. Happy people are the most attractive people and have more margins to contribute to the world.
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