Ma Celebrite: Tony Parker

Par: Sean Rooney


1. Il s'appelle Tony Parker.

2. Il a 33 ans.

3. Il vient de les Etats-Unis.

4. Il est un joueur les basket.

5. Il est de francais.

6. Il habite a San Antonio.

7. Il aime faire le basket.

8. Il n'aime pas faire les perdre.

9. Il sa couleur preferee est le bleu.


  • Il est travailleur.
  • Il est intelligent.
  • Il est courageux.
  • Il est optimiste.


  • Il a les cheveux courts.
  • Il a les yeux noisette.
  • Il est assez grand.
  • Il est mince.


  • Il porte les shorts noirs.
  • Il est sportif.
  • Il porte le maillot de basket.
  • Il est confortable.

13. Il aime look sportif parce que c'est il est joueur de basket.

Word Bank:

perdre: lose

optimiste: optimistic


In today's society one can most likely tell how a person behaves based on the clothes they wear. Clothes show our personality. In today's society many people are made fun of for wearing different clothes than everybody else. Clothes these days in school determine somewhat our popularity so people dress differently than they want to so they can become popular.

Fashion expresses our personality. We may dress in casual clothing if we are laid back and don't care about what people say about us. We also might dress in what is considered "cool" clothing by today's standards to make people like us. Fashion is a part of who we are and shows people who we are. Like for example on a sports team the fashion and clothing is the same telling everyone that they are all on the same team. For celebrities fashion is as big as their songs, movie rolls, performance, etc... and gives people a unique look so people can identify one another just by looking at each other's clothing.

We should not judge people by the clothes they wear. If someone dresses differently than you they might have different beliefs or may not like the same clothes as you and your friends do. Don't make fun of someone who wears different clothes than you. Everyone is different meaning not everyone wears the same exact clothing.

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