Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

May 3, 2013

What is going on?

Math: The focus this week will be multiplication and division. We will be using a pictorial models for teaching multiplication and division. Students will use on-hand manipulatives to group and then multiply. In the area of division, breaking apart into equal groups. The end of this week, students will get to have fun with a Division Menu! Daily, students will be using different strategies to better understand multiplication and division. If you think your child is snappy at addition and subtraction facts, I would move them on to Multiplication facts over the summer. I know their 3rd grade teacher would appreciate it.

Science: We had an amazing experience learning about NASA, Space Station, Engineers, Moon, Stars, Black Hole, Milky Way, Worm holes, Planets, Apollo Missions, Astronauts, Space Shuttles, Rovers and the spidery looking thing. Only an aeronautical engineer could answer! The kids were running on rocket fuel, trying to learn more about Space. It was truly an amazing, inspiring experience for our kids! Tony Macina you earned your wings on Monday! Thank you very much for enriching and teaching my favorite class!

Social Studies: We will start our Economics unit. Students will be learning the value of work! We will discuss what it means to be producers and consumers in the production of goods and services. They will be introduced to the differences between goods vs. services. We will be learning about these economic topics through discussion, video, charts and passages from our Social Studies textbook.

Reading: We are gearing up for and starting our animal research this week! Students will be utilizing their knowledge they have been collecting by reading non-fiction and will work on using non-fiction text features. We will be organizing our information as we gather it onto graphic organizers.


Please check out eBackpack for electronic copies of flyers and handouts from the school and PTA!

On the calendar....

May 3rd-Carnival

May 7th- Volunteer Luncheon (check my email for invitation link)

2nd grade teachers are hungry on Friday. If you can help, we really appreciate a lunch out on Fridays. We don’t have any parents for the rest of the year.

Have a great weekend!