The Newest Zombie Weakness?

How Knowing Your U.S. Regions Helps You Against Zombies?!?!?

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Regions Vs Zombies How Does It Work?

If you know the regions and what they contain you can figure out how too form a zombie plan based around it ,and what the best strategy is for that area, and if there is a better region too be encase of this drastic emergency.

Jacob Kirkland's Top 3 North American Regions

I do not have enough time in the day too cover all regions ,and why there good or bad, there ups and downs, there pros and cons. You get the idea also you need too be able too read this fast so here are my "Top 3 Region Picks." Not in any real consecutive order.

#3 Coastal Range

The Coastal Range is located as the name in tales it's on the coast of the U.S. by the Pacific Ocean. It stretches all the way from Canada to Mexico. Made up of rugged mountains, both good for making an escape, but easy too get sneaked up on, but that's not a problem, because you can hear the zombies groan. It also has fertile valleys for a farm,and a lot of mountain ranges/rocky terrains ,and the best part is it's on the coast for an easy getaway too Canada, Mexico, Alaska, or even Russia. Over all I give this region a 7/10, due to the fact of it's good amount of resources including water obviously, and fertile areas for farming, plus fish, and the best part is the easy getaway.

#2 Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield would be a good idea, because there are great sources of food and water like the Hudson Bay, and the Great Lakes. There is also a lot of vantage points like the hills worn by erosion, the immense amount of trees ,and some of the oldest rock formations in North America ,so break those down a bit more, and the zombies get crushed. The ace in the hole is there are very few people, and the less people there means less that could have died so there are very few zombies there. I give this region a 5/10 due too the fact it has a steady food supply for now, but when it runs out your done, but it has an escape into the woods of Canada or the Atlantic Ocean by the St. Lawrence River.

#1 Appalachian Highlands

This region extends form part of eastern Canada to western Alabama ,and includes most of the Piedmont region. It has some great vantage points due too the fact it has many old eroded mountains, it also has a big urban populous which gives it many places too hide out in. With the Plateau Area it has a large variety of places too survive. The steady economy might not seem helpful in a post apocalyptic society, but it is because it has good places too get resources. Overall I give the Appalachian Highlands a 9/10, because it has a large variety of places too survive it matches every strategy of survival you have, and it has a ton of resources as well ,but it lacks in that it doesn't have the best/steady route too escape.

Regions Might Not Be Enough

You need more than just regions too survive the zombie apocalypse so I've dedicated the next 2 sections to "Survival Tips" and "Supplies To Bring."

Survival Tips

There are many ways too survive so hear are 10 survival tips just too start you off.

1.Set up a steady resource supply for food, water, etc.

2.Always have a weapon on hand, because you never know when you might spot a zombie.

3.Always check around you too see for zombies.

4.This might not be the best idea, because you'll have to take more supplies, but a dog is always good, for smelling out zombies.


6.The best offence is a good defense, don't engage zombies if you don't need too.

7.Plan the day ahead, so you know what to do, but remember be flexible.

8.Have others too help you survive, and not go insane.

8.5. Hopefully it will not come too this, but remember if you have another person with you, you don't have too outrun the zombies, you have too outrun the team.

9.DON'T SLEEP!!!! Unless you have too.

10.Stay up, whether it is in the trees, or on the mountains, stay at the highest possible point.

Supplies Too Bring

Here's a short list of items too bring when zombies attack.





5.Dog/Dog Food



8.Tooth Brush/Paste

9.Guns/Gun Ammo


11.Climbing Gear


13.Car Keys








21.Boat (Might Be Hard To Bring So Find One)



24.Cooking Utensils

25.Eating Utensils