The man who got burned by sun


Vulpini was a strong successful man living in Greece. Vulpini was the son of Hermes, a demigod, therefor he had a talent for cheating and stealing. However, unlike his father, Vulpini also had an amazing talent in archery. He had such skill in fact that even before his manhood, Vulpini was the best archer in all of Greece. Vulpini had never lost a match to anyone and accepted all challengers, but only did so publicly when he knew he could win. A handful of the challengers that faced off in private, but never lived to tell the tale. When they were getting their bag, or walking off to tell people, Vulpini would shoot them in the back then hide the body. Using this trick, the mass crowds of people were oblivious to the champion archer’s dark secret.


What the crowds did question about was where did learn his archery skills. “Surly he must have learned his skills from Apollo the sun god himself” they, would whisper. When Vulpini heard this he was outraged. “Nobody can best me in a match!” he said. “I am the finest archer in all of GREECE, what makes you think Apollo can beat me!” Suddenly the clouds in the sky parted blinding Vulpini and the spectators. Out from the ray of light came a red and gold chariot. The chariot was solid gold with ruby red finishes. Pulling the chariot were two horses. They were twice the size of normal horses and were golden with flaming manes and coal black eyes. Driving the chariot was a man dressed in gold and red robes with a solid gold bow with a black string slung on his back. At his side was a quiver with golden arrows and blood red tips. The chariot alighted onto the ground with a soft thud. Apollo stepped out of his chariot, robes flapping in the wind he spoke in a frightening demanding voice as he stared at Vulpini. “What foolish mortal dares challenge a GOD to a completion!?”

Vulpini uttered not a word, but managed to keep a straight face. Because on the inside, he was trembling like a leaf in a windstorm. “Well don’t just stand there, to your marks!” Apollo said. Both Apollo and Vulpine aimed at their targets. Vulpini shot first. His arrow hit dead center. Vulpini hooted and celebrated. “Not even you can beat that” Vulpini yelled as the crowd roared in excitement. Apollo ignored all of it and calmly pulled back his bow. The red tipped arrow glistened and whistled as it sailed through the air. It hit Vulpini’s arrow, and split it in half. The crowd was dead silent. Vulpini gaped at what he saw. Then the crowd got to their feet and started to cheer. Apollo bowed to the crowd and started waving. What he didn’t know was that behind him the grief-stricken Vulpini was pulling back his bow… and shot Apollo. The arrow went through Apollo’s back and produced from his chest.


The crowd gasped. Somewhere in the arena, a baby started crying. Apollo stood here for a moment in the dead silent arena. He looked down at the arrow through his chest, the slowly pulled it out as the hole sealed behind it. Then he looked at Vulpini and blasted him with a great light. When the light dimmed, the crowd was not looking at Vulpini, but a small black and orange fox. “Now Go!” commanded Apollo. The creature growled, but took off. Then Apollo vanished with yet another flash of light. All foxes desened from Vulpini. This is why foxes are now cowardly, tricky, and are always willing to stab you in the back. The lesson is, don’t let cockiness overwhelm you, and know your place below devine powers.

The End