Ryan Livingston

A Colonial Peddler

My Life as a Colonial Peddler

Good morrow to you! I am Ryan Livingston from the Philadelphia colony and I am a peddler. I am married to Jessica Livingston. I am cousins with Emmanuel Johnson. I live in a 2 room house. My house is made of brick and a little bit of wood to support the second floor. I have 3 kids, 2 boys & 1 girl. One is 7 years old, one is 16 years old, and my daughter is 14.Their names are Mary, James, and Ryan jr. I am related to Hannah Livingston. I am 35 years old. I am friends with Marcus bogert. I have been a peddler for 25 years! Since I am a peddler that has worked for a very long time, I am rich. I have around $1000.

My trade is a colonial peddler. A lot of people come to me and buy my things or trade with me everyday. I ask them why they always come to me. They always say they always come to me because they depend on me a lot. More than 30 people come to my store every day! I used to work with my father and son. But my father died of the disease smallpox. I taught my son James how to be a peddler. Since I have taught him everything I know, soon I will be teaching my other son Ryan jr.

There were certain tools used to be a peddler. They are, Axes- to cut wood, Rafts- to move goods from one place to another, Sacks- to carry goods, and Trunks- to carry goods.

Tools I use as a Peddler