The Lemur


Description of The Lemur

There are many types of lemurs, but the one I will talk about is the Ringed-Tailed Lemur.The size of the Ringed-Tailed Lemur is 45 cm., and the tail is pretty dang long, 55 cm.! The Ringed-Tailed Lemur is easy to spot from other species of lemurs because of the black and white tail that they have.
Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

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Pretty much all species of lemurs live in the Island next to Africa that's called Madagascar. They live in jungles and dry areas of the island. Lemurs eat fruit, leaves, and tree bark.

Why is my animal endangered?

Ring-Tailed Lemurs are endangered because of poaching and hunting and that is really bad.

How many lemurs are there in the world?

There are over 2.5k lemurs in zoos around the world.

What conservative efforts are being taken by society to save the lemur?

They are many zoos that are trying to save the lemurs. And there are many organizations that are raising money.

What steps can we take to save the Ring Tailed Lemur?

We have to raise money to make private parks so they won't be poached and hunted.