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Tech TPL Term 1 Week 10

This week on Monday the second Get Connected Tech Meet was hosted by Glendale East PS. Presentations included:


Get Connected

4:00pm - Stu's Quiz Boxes using Pick Me Buzzer app, with Nathan MacGregor
4:30pm - Early Experiences with B.Y.O.D. in the D.E.C. Environment, with Tracy Mantle.
4:50pm - BeeBots in the classroom, with Janet Howard.
5:10pm - iPad apps for your classroom, with Laura Chaffey
A quickfire session, featuring many apps for literacy and numeracy.

ICT Newsletters

Class Blogs

Nathan MacGregor's Blog (Glendale East PS)

Some posts include:

How to lock an iPad app

  • easy iPad station
  • iPad rules charts to download
Tracy Mantle's Blog (Glendale East PS)

Tracy has been implementing a BYOD trial with her Yr 5/6 students. Student work samples are shared on her class blog. It is in the beginning stages so it's a work in progress.

Steph Westwood's Blog (Cardiff Nth PS)

An example of how Steph uses the iPads to create in her classroom using comic strip apps and the wordfoto app.

More examples using Wordfoto app

Creating frog artworks

Laura Chaffey's Blog (1/2S @ Caves Beach)

Burra Nimu The Easter Bilby


Technology Rocks Seriously is one of my favourite blogs. Shannon Long is a teacher from the US who shares some great apps and links to sites to enhance classroom teaching.

Here is a link to her Easter website:

Easter Fun

Technology at WPS

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