The federalist are not always wrong!!!!!!!

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States debt.

The federalist had to pay the revolutionary war debt.

Why did the federalist have to pay war debt?

They had to pay their debt because they lost the war and had to pay for all the stuff.

Creation of the national bank.

National bank.

Why did they build the national bank?

They builded the national bank because the had a lot of revolutionary war debt. It was built in the nations capital in philadelphia.

French Revolution.

The french rev. began in 1789, the democratic-republicans supported the french overthrow of their king, while the federalist sided with britain to secure the trade market.
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Alien and sedition acts.

The federalist passed the alien and sedition acts which were designed to silence and weaken the democratic & republican party. The democratic Republican claimed that they were violating the freedom of press.
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War with Britain in 1812.

The united states declared war on britain it brought a new surge of nationalism.The federalist strongly opposed the war.
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