Belles & Bling

Just ASK!!!!

Alright Belles & Bling. Get ready to have some fun!

Many of you have attended boot camps this past week or are getting ready to this weekend. You're going to hear a lot about creating your own 60-second commercial so that you are armed and ready to turn a compliment into a booking or sponsoring opportunity. Some of our teams leaders have actually video taped theirs this week and are pushing themselves to get out and use them. Guess what? We're seeing results--- lots of results.

So here is the dealio…
* Script it… script out your 60-second commercial geared towards booking. One for follow up with a trunk show guest and one for booking on the go with strangers.
* Practice it… practice in the mirror, with your pacing partner, your sponsor, your husband
* Share it… TAKE action and share it with:
- 10 trunk show guests or people on your who do you know list that you'd like to follow up for a trunk show
- AND 10 strangers while you're on the go

And then…
* Just ASK!!!!!! You have to actually ask someone to get a yes on the calendar! So if someone says- well that sounds fun. Don't say great… let me know when you get a chance! Say… we are going to have a blast. Planning is super easy so all we need to do is pick a date. Would a weekend or weeknight be best? A weeknight-- perfect, I have Tuesday the 17th open and also thursday the 19th… which one should we do?

- Practice practice practice the "ASK"!!!

And, track it baby!!!! Track your results for every ask and post it on our team FB page! Visit our FB page to see how others are asking and how their results are rolling in. Let's learn from one another. Click here if you are not a member of the Belles & Bling FB page and would like to be!

The prize? BRAGGING RIGHTS! You will be the Crowned Belle & Bling for one of three categories:
1) The most YES
2) The most NO
3) The most ASKs.

Let's practice the ASK for one week while tracking our results.

Click here to visit the online document tool to help you hone your 60-second commercial (shown below and also found in SDU)