December 2016

Congratulations to our National Junior Honor Society Inductees & Governor's Commendation Recipients

Our 3rd Annual NJHS Induction Ceremony was a wonderful evening of honoring our 7th & 8th Grade Students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or above and display the pillars of the National Junior Honor Society. We were able to add many 8th graders to our current membership and a wonderful group of 7th graders. Congratulations!

Additionally, we were able to honor current Summit students scoring PERFECT on one or more of their OCCT/EOI exams during the 2016 testing season.

Way to go students, parents, and teachers!

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Mark Your Calendar

Please use the link below for the most up-to-date information to include athletic events


December 1st

Kona Ice


BOE Meeting


7:00pm Band Concert @ SFHS


7:00pm Choir Concert @ Summit


Drama Presents: The Night Before Christmas 2nd hour


Kona Ice

Drama Presents: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 1st hour

Drama Presents: A Christmas Carol 3rd hour

6:30 pm Orchestra Concert @SFHS


TSA Donuts $1

Drama Presents: 7th Grade Musical Theatre 3rd hour


Winter Break Begins Thursday, December 22nd

Winter Break Ends Wednesday, January 4th

Class is in session Thursday, January 5th

Next Friends & Family Day FRIDAY, JANUARY 13th

Remember this is during the regular 30 minute lunch period

We'd love to have moms in attendance on this day, but all are welcome.

Ballroom Dancing at Summit

Congratulations to our dance couple selected to perform at the Rose State Performing Arts Center on December 15th. We were fortunate to have Life Change Ballroom Dancing for some forty 7th graders courtesy of who provided a $5,000 grant for our students to take part in specialized training twice a month for the first semester. The dancers will also provide a performance for students to recruit for next year's group.

Summarization & Generalization

We want student to be able to Summarize the main idea of each lesson in every class. Please help us by asking students what did you learn/study today in math? Can you explain it to me in 20 words or less? When teachers are closing their lessons they are focusing on this skill. I see evidence all over the school. I want them to share with you, as well!

End of the Semester Means, End of Grading Period

Edmond Public Middle Schools has a semester report card. All grades entered at the end of the semester will be final and archived into the student's record. It is imperative that students missing assignments or needing to retake assessments take care of these things by the due date specified for each core team or elective teachers. Students are responsible for communicating with their teachers and making any necessary arrangements to come in before school, during lunch, or after school.

Parents should check Parent Portal to have talking points with students to encourage students to self-advocate and demonstrate initiative to raise grades. Teachers will not be providing any extra credit assignments for the purpose of raising grades. Teachers have offered extra credit throughout the semester to all students.

At Summit, we believe grades should be reflective of student learning.


The testing results finally came in and we have sorted them and will be including them in the Friday Folder. If your child was not in Oklahoma during April and May of 2016 or attended a private school, there will be no test results included. If your child did was not enrolled in an Edmond Public School but was in an Oklahoma Public School during April and May of 2016, we may not have secured the results, as we will have to wait on them to sort their data and send the results to Summit.

Please e-mail Kobi Cordova at Kobi.Cordova@edmondschools.net if your results were not including in the Friday Folder, and your child was in an Oklahoma Public School April & May 2016. Please include the name of your child or children and the name of the school attended previously and she will work specifically to obtain those parent reports. I can tell you that she has already submitted numerous requests for records and has not yet received them. It would be beneficial if you would contact the previous school directly and have them fax over a front/back copy of all OCCT result from the 2016 school year to 405-340-2933 Attn: Mrs. Cordova.

A-F School Report Card

See the link below to review the 2016 Summit A-F Report Card


Frequently Asked Questions About the A-F Report Card


Veterans Day...Huge Success!

Thanks to all those who made our Veterans Day Assembly a top notch event.

Col. Gary Smith was our keynote speaker delivered a great message, "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants!"

Numerous parents and guest were able to enjoy the heartfelt program which included performances by our Summit Band, Choir, and Orchestra. There of our students were the M.C.'s for the three different assemblies, and three young ladies from our Publications Class shared their stories of being a military kid. Students shared a piece of literature, America's White Table and the symbolism of each item to represent the fallen soldier. Powerful!

Many parents and grandparents stayed for lunch and were able to see the Wall of Honor, as well. Another great touch to the program.

Special Thanks:

Mrs. Luza, Leadership 8th Class

Mrs. Lyon, Leadership 7th Class

Mrs. Mendenhall, Multimedia Students

Mrs. Cowherd, Choir Students

Mrs. Fuston, Orchestra Students

Mr. Djonorh, Band Students

Mrs. Sittenauer

Mrs. Schroeder, Cafeteria Staff

Mr. Stolz

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Operation Africa

Likely, you Summit student has talked about adopting an African Child this year or mentioned Operation Africa. A former Summit teacher runs an orphanage in Africa and therefore it has become our global giving at Summit for many years to give to the children there. Heartland is joining us this year. Classes have a child and the lists of the items needed along with sizes. Additionally, we will have fundraising activities as well to provide a monetary contribution to the orphanage. Lastly, there will be shirts sold and all profits will be for Operation Africa. Please help us continue to give to this worthy cause.

Ways to Help Operation Africa

  1. Donate- new pencils, pens, pencil sharpeners, BIG erasers, hard candies

  2. Hat Day this Friday 12/2- $1

  3. Candy Gram Sales Monday-Friday of next week-$1

  4. Bake Sale Monday 12/5 at the basketball game

    1. Half-court shot during halftimes-$1

  5. Candy Carts Tuesday-Thursday next week

    1. 6th-Null, Brown

    2. 7th-Weber, Warner

    3. 8th- Bennett, Spencer

  6. T-Shirts

  7. Sponsored Children

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Baby It's Cold Outside!

Well, the cold weather finally arrived! Please encourage your middle school student to dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Additionally, with the layer of hoodies, jackets, coats, hats and gloves comes an overflowing Lost & Found. Please remind students of the importance of keeping of with their personal items and locking them in their lockers. These items are donated quarterly to a local charity after we leave them out for two weeks displayed in the commons area of the cafeteria. So, have them look in the Lost & Found when they are missing an item or two.