Tech Time Newsletter

January 12, 2016

Classroom News

  • Kindergartners will work with websites and iPads.
  • First grade will continue their How To Make a Snowman projects.
  • Second grade will begin Story Jumpers.
  • Third grade will play Bingo using Microsoft Excel.
  • Fourth grade will continue their composer research and work on their conference Power Point presentations.
  • Fifth grade will continue learning iMovie and creating a conference Weebly.

Kansas City Becomes the Sixth City with Techweek Conference

Techweek is coming, Techweek is coming! For all you techie geeks or if you just want to see some amazing future technology, it was announced last week that Kansas City will be one of a handful of cities to host Techweek. The seven-day Techweek Kansas City showcase follows others in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit and Miami. It will include an exposition, interactive tour of innovative workspaces, job fair, hackathon and wearable technology fashion show.

A video of last year’s Chicago event provides a taste of what Kansas City might expect and will help create for Sept. 14-20.

Techweek Chicago 2014 Highlights

Science 360

Science 360 is a National Science Foundation site with many STEM topics. As I talk with students about what they want to learn about, many want to know more about science. They want to perform experiments, learn how those experiments work, and what does it all mean. This website has some short, educationally sound videos on hundreds of STEM topics. You can embed these videos on a class website or blog. Here is a video talking about the chemistry of one of my favorite treats, chocolate.
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