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Pitbulls architects Football


I believe that pitbulls are easily trained by their owners .

Do pitbull love to fight ?

book name : Stay with me

call# FIC Gri Griffin , Paul 1996-

Published 2011

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I love to create things with lego or parts that i know i can put together . This makes me happy. When I'm thinking about things that I don't want to talk about, I put that energy into creating a structure that the book tells you to do.

Is it a lot of math involved with a architect ?


Tony Smith : architect, painter, sculptor

call# 709.2 Smi


Football is my #1 favorite sport. I always love it sense I was 5 year old. Everyone in my family played it and i loved it every sense .

Will the equipment ever get better over the years ?

Book Name: How It Works

Call# 796.332 Bis Biskup, Agnieszka.