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By: Deziree Diamond Montalvo & Cinthia Vianet Delgado

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  • Henrico County is 245 sq miles
  • Population: There is 314,932 in Henrico County
  • Henrico County is rural example below
  • Henrico County has many grate schools like Harry Flood Byrd Middle School.
  • Also Henrico County has a diversity of jobs
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County government structure

There is three branches of government

Legislative Executive Judicial

( Makes laws) ( Carries out laws) ( evaluates laws)

board of supervisors county manager district and circuit courts

County Departments:

Administration for Human Services

  • It promote excellence in human services
  • delivery by providing quality administrative, consultative, and management services for the benefit of the community
Health Department-Health Codes

  • These regulations govern the construction and operation of food establishments.
  • Learn what is necessary to open a restaurant and what the health department looks for during an inspection (and no, you won't find a requirement for customers to wear shirts and shoes)

The 3 most important services

1st: EBooks Launched At The Public Library
  • They are going to start focus groups, community meetings.
  • A collection of downloadable books for computers was already offered through NetLibrary approximately 7,000 – 10,000 titles

2nd A New Lease on Life

  • It is a private non-profit health clinic being built

Fun Facts

How old is henrico VA? 1634-2014

Where did Henrico's name come from? Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales

What is Henrico famous for or what are some attractions (tourist, educational,

geographical) ? The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

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