Edwin Buzz Aldrin

Aldrin's Life By;Tyler Schmelzer

His Life

  • Buzz was born in Montclair, New Jersey on Jan. 20, 1930
  • He got his nick name from his sister, she couldn't say brother fully
  • Edwin changed his name to buzz legally in his grown up age


  • He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 1951
  • He later became a Air Force officer
  • In the Korean war, he flew 66 combat missions
First Person: Buzz Aldrin Discusses Moon Landing

Major Accomplishments

  • Received doctors degree in astronautics in 1963
  • Later that year year he became a astronaut
  • He piloted Gemini 12 space flight in 1966
  • Left the spacecraft, "walked" in space
  • Buzz was outside the spacecraft for 5 1/2 hours
  • Was the second person ton set foot on the moon
  • Neil A. Armstrong and him landed on the moon with the Apollo II Lunar Module on July 20, 1969
  • Aldrin stepped on the moon 19 minutes after armstrong
  • Resigned from astronaut program and returned to active duty with the Air force
  • After retiring from everything, Buzz is still living life large
  • He created a computer strategy game called, ''Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space''.
  • In 2011, he appeared himself in the movie film: Transformers:Dark of the Moon


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