Usa vs Rome

Law, citizenship, and justice

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If male people follow the laws they got citizenship with all the rights, including ability to vote and hold official offices.


In the USA the same rules apply, however they also apply to women.
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The Roman punished their people by fines, beatings, banishment, slavery, execution if guilty of treason, and you get drowned in a river if guilty of killing your father, also slaves would get crusified


In America the punishments are either you go to prison or you get poral and sometimes if you do something really terrible you get killed.


Roman slaves did not have almost any rights even if they were free and they would get beaten for any little crime and crusified and also they were considered as property.


In America it is eligel for someone to do slavery and if their is a person who does slaves they get put in jail.

Power point notes

Citizenship belonged to law abided people

Rights: able to vote, hold official offices- civil and government

Own property and write contracts

Go to courts

Male citizenship enjoyed all the rights

Women had limited rights

-no voting or government offices

Slaves were property and had no rights- small chances for freedom

Freedmen were former slaves with limited rights

The children of freedom and women would be born as a full roman citizens

Laws were written

Natural laws giving every citizens rights - connected to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness

Judges made court decisions from trials and evidence

Fit the crime committed





-execution if guilty of treason

Patricide- killing your father, was punishment by being drowned in a river

Slaves were beaten harder work or often crucified