Come to Texas

Anglo Americans needed!!!!!!!!

a Farmer or rancher

*Land is 12.5 cents per acre

*Good farming & ranching land

*Cheaper land

*Allowed 4,605 acres (only 80 in U.S)

*Allowed livestock

Reasons to get out of U.S

*The land costs $1.25 per acre

*Less and less people around



*Peasants were still required to pay indebtness for the land they kept

* Poverty led to criminal activity

*Outbreaks and natural disaster

*No public land to do proper croppping, raising livestock

* Required to go to military excersises for 15 days

* If a war broke out, they had to fight

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Come down to old texas

*an oppertunity to start over

*no tax for 6 months

*allow slaves