Informative on Rocks and Soil

By: Riauna Faison


  • Weathering is the breaking down of rocks.
  • There are three types:
  • -Chemical: the rock decomposes which is in other terms mean the minerals in that rock are changed by a chemical reaction.

-Biological: plants cause the rocks to fall apart.
-Physical: causes rocks to fall apart into pieces. Two types are freeze-thaw and exfoliation.


  • Erosion is the movement of rocks.
  • Landforms are good examples by being naturally formed by all the movement being made with rocks.
  • Two landforms like that are called The Wave and The Matterhorn which are formed by either wind or glaciers.


  • Deposition is the settlement of eroded rocks.
  • Just like erosion, landforms are a good example of deposition.
  • Two landforms that show this are a barrier island and spits.


  • Soil is used for plant growth, gas exchanges in the air, habitat, recycling of nutrients, and constructing stuff like roadbeds.
  • Soil is important to NC because it is the largest single wastewater treatment unit in North Carolina.

Soil Type of North Carolina

  • Due to the region being divided into 3 parts, there are 400 different types.
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Soil Composition

  • Is vital for nutrient management.
  • Is made of mineral matter, organic matter, water, air, and organisms.
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Soil Conservation Method

  • There are quite a few but one is contour farming.
  • Contour farming is not planting the plants in a straight row but along the contour of the landscape.
  • This way has slower waterfall and prevents soil erosion.
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