Space Project

by Derek Wu

General Introduction

What is a constellation?

A constellation is a gathering of stars that shape an object when seen from Earth. The object they frame may take the state of a creature, an animal, a man, a lady, or a lifeless thing, for example, a magnifying lens, a compass, or a crown.

Properties of stars

The six basic properties of stars are:

  1. True brightness (luminosity)
  2. Apparent brightness
  3. Distance from another stellar object
  4. Radius (size)
  5. Chemical composition
  6. Temperature

Major Constellations

Some very well-known constellations include:
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The Southern Cross (Crux)

Australia's national constellation added to its own flag.

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The best-known constellation based on a Greek myth with Alpha Centauri as the centrepiece.

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The famous constellation that is easy to spot due to its brightness.


Zodiac Constellations

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