Change Over Time

By: Jalen Peddrew

Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution was the emergence of modern science during the early modern period with developments of mathematics, physics, and etc. It started in the mid 1500's they launched the change European thought.

Geocentric Theory

The Geocentric Theory was the astronomy of the earth and a description of the cosmos where Earth is at its orbital center. This theory originated in Alexandria with Ptolemy in 130 A.D creating a planetary model to Aristotle's views of the universe In this theory Earth is regarded to being the in the center of the solar system. The Geocentric views says the sun does not move and the planets move around it and used circle instead of ellipses.

The Impact

The Scientific Revolution insured a new way of thinking. For the first time the Church's views were being challenged, the Earth was no longer consider the center of the universe,but the sun.It impacted the economy in many way, this was the beginning of the inventions era. For example the Scientific Method, this method which is three step process(Stop, Look, Listen) which is crucial for most scientist today and is also used in school learning process . Many techniques that astronomers and mathematicians used are still used and relevant today.

Kepler's Supernova

Queen - Galileo Galileo