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Picking Your NFL Jersey

Football season is in full swing! For many of us that means it is time to pickup a new jersey. Every season players are traded, suspended, or if your a Ravens fan perhaps indefinitely suspended from the league. Cough cough.. Ray Rice.

So how do go about picking out a Jersey from a team full of superstars? Well you have to know yourself first!

Quarterbacks- Are you the leader? Bringing strength to your team in it's toughest moments? The quarterback outworks everyone else showing commitment throughout the season and the off-season. You must display the attitude that nothing is more important than the team and their success. A quarterback must be confident to allow great plays at anytime. You must be able to forget mistakes, believing that you can fix them the next time. If these are characteristics you see in yourself congrats you are the undisputed leader, the quarterback.

Running Back- Versatility, you can be used in any situation to move the chains. You are powerful and quick to complete tasks, while others break under pressure. A great back also has balance to escape dangerous situations and break off a long gain. Most importantly you need strength to be a running back, being a able to shake off the arm tackles of life and keep your legs moving forward. You have the innate ability to put the team on your back.

Wide Receiver- Adjusting to any situation is the key characteristic of a wide out. This means you avoid obstacles that others get caught up in to complete the catch. You are extremely focused on your goal and you are prepared out run anyone in your way. If you complete tasks lighting quick while others lag behind consider yourself a wide receiver.

Defense is a different story.. Make sure you visit to pick up discount gift cards to the NFL store to save on your new jersey!