Three blind men

a story to beware...

Court proceedings

Three men were caught trying to gain censored information from the CIA. The three foolish men were blind enough to commit the felony that led to their arrest. A subpoena was sent to them calling them to court. The prosecution process had started. These defendants went to the court hearing where the probable cause and the bail were established which freed the men until the trail. Due to the seriousness of the case, an indictment was needed which made the grand jury decide what the exact charges are. An arraignment took place where the three men came to court and answered the criminal charges against them. All three of them pleaded guilty and hoped for a low sentence. They turned toward plea bargaining as a way to escape a high punishment. Since, they were not rich, they asked for a public attorney. The trail started of as a normal one but it turned unusual. First, both attorneys made an opening statement and called for the witnesses. A CIA worker had seen the three men trying to gain the information and he took a picture of them. The public attorney said that it was a perjury and the evidence was faked. The petit jury looked for facts in the case. They examined the photograph and decided it was original and truthful. Now it was up to the judge to declare a verdict. He convicted the three blind men. But the three blind men were not happy and they decided to appeal in a higher court.
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