Inequalities Level Project, Level 8

Created By: Anthony Liu

Just a few more feet Little Timmy

Little Timmy has always wanted to go on the Astronaut ride at the theme park, but he's always been far too small if his height is 3 feet 5 inches, but you must be at least 5 ft 8 inches, in order to ride how much must he grow in order to ride the astronaut ride?

(Advice: One foot is twelve inches)

Answer: X must be greater than or equal to 2 Feet and 3 Inches

Deal or No Deal

A Gold membership for the theme park is $145 per year upfront with a charge of $85 each time you go. A Premium membership is $400 per month, but has unlimited visits. How many times would you have to visit the theme park in order to make the premium membership a better deal.

Answer: X > 3 times

I hate the color Yellow

At the theme park 1 of the teacup rides seems to have broken. Apparently they can spend no more then $986 to fix it, so when the manager calls up the guy who fixes stuff, the man says there's going to be a down payment of $800. Plus $6 for every hour the guy uses up to fix the ride. If this the case then for how long can the manager hire the guy to fix his teacups?

Answer: x < or equal to 31 hours

Names are Overrated

John is looking for a job at the theme park. The salary which he is satisfied with must be $3000 with a tolerance of $500. Write an inequality describing this.

Answer: /m-3000/ < or equal to 500

"Moo" goes the cow, "Meow" goes the turtle

You brought $20 to the Theme Park, and a bag of popcorn costs $5 how many bags of popcorn can you get?

Answer: X < or equal to 4


At the theme park there is a ride called the Mathcoster On the Mathcoster there will be a question in math and if you answer it correctly you'll ride it for free the question is 6-12n-4>8n+12-4n

Answer: n<-0.375

Can you give me credit for coming up with that inequality