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Parents and students, THANK YOU for all the great auction items. We can't do this without you! Hopefully all students enjoyed our first awards and auction.

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  • Fall Break is October 16-19
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Team Justice Superheroes

All award winners are invited to a pizza lunch on October 23.

The Clay Way Award- Being respectful, being responsible, being ready to learn, and being full of pride. We would like to acknowledge the following Team Justice students for living out the Clay Way each and every day.

Students of the Quarter - Awesome examples of being a great student

Perseverance Award- Students that never quit and demonstrate effort in the classroom.

Straight A Award- All A's (A- not included)
Congratulations! Keep up the great work!

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Straight A's

Math - Mrs. Grace

Currently in Honors Math it has been everything but boring as the students reached unit 2. In the unit we will learn about linear equations and how to solve the slope of a line along with, using graphs to solve equations. We have also recently had a test over unit 1, using algebra, solving for y, and combining like terms. Each student did their best to complete the test. We are also working on the coordinate pictures, of which the students have a variety of pictures to plot. In Honors Math the students are learning a lot, and are growing their math skills.~ Estella A and Evan S

Lately in advanced math, students have been working on properties of numbers, rational number operations, and solving one-step equations. To do this we started by using tiles and pompoms. It can be a little challenging, but Z.J. Householder says “Mrs. Grace gives us lots of help.” On October sixth students had a quiz over associative and commutative properties. According to Noah Ebbert, "It was pretty easy." This week, students were introduced to a game called Matho. “It was lots of fun,” says Dylan Horoho. “I enjoy playing math games,” says Nate Madden. Overall, students had a great week in math.~Dhillon P, Charlie E, Owen R, Megan M

In Mrs.Grace’s green book class,we’re working on adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions and mixed numbers. Mrs. Grace is a very good math teacher and the students are happy to have her. ~Karen T, Ally S, Mia T, and Amber W

Language Arts - Mrs. Kovach

Language Arts

This past few weeks we did a lot of fun & interesting things. The classes wrote personal narratives that were at least one and a half pages long. Also we have been studying stems 1-25 this quarter. We did a fun shapes project in which students would see what would first come into their mind when they saw three shapes. They drew a picture that used the three shapes and wrote a story about their picture. We also have been enjoying our read aloud Abduction. ~ Sam P, Nik G

In Honors Language Arts, we are writing a descriptive personal narrative. Our narratives have lots of details and figurative language in them. They also include imagery, or details that cause the reader to think up an image of the story in their head. We will have a Word Within the Word quiz on October 7. We will be quizzed on 50 stems in the English Language. Mrs. Kovach has also been teaching our class how to do Magic Lens. Magic Lens is where we pull apart sentences into parts of speech. For example, we find nouns, verbs, adjectives, and prepositions. We also must determine if a sentence is interrogative, exclamatory, imperative, or declarative. We had our first Magic Lens quiz on October 9. Language Arts with Mrs. Kovach is awesome! ~ Katerina F, Clara R, Varsha C, Hannah Z

Social Studies - Mr. Anderson

This quarter, Mr Anderson’s classes have been setting sail for North America, and have been risky explores with royal charters From Spain and Portugal. We have also been studying world wide culture, religion, geography, and economy. This helped us prepare for our Common Assessment. We have been focusing on our own continent, North America. We also focused on our neighbors too, Mexico and Canada. Our main focuses are geography, history, and culture based on how they are influenced by a multitude of factors. Our driving questions are: How does geography affect on where we live? and how does conflict between culture create change? Mr. Anderson helped us prepare and our common assessment was so much easier. Our simulation took us on a journey to the Americas in the early 1500’s where we explored “The Age of Discovery. ”Along with this long voyage, we learned about the life of an explorer. ~ Jillian S, Cole W, Bella S, Noah E

Science - Mr. Ellington

Currently, in Mr. Ellington’s science class, his students are learning about how to organize themselves in experiments and tests. The students just took a test on the scientific method, qualitative and quantitative observations, and steps in a procedure. We did a paper airplane experiment too, making what the students thought that the best design was, flew it and recorded the flight distance of the plane. Earlier, we did an experiment on the bounce of different types of balls too. Mr. Ellington’s students weighed the mass of the balls, and tested how high they bounced from 100 centimeters. They then recorded the data on tables and graphs. After, the students wrote conclusions from the teaching of Mr. Ellington. Throughout the whole quarter, he has also been reading a book, Project Mulberry to the students. In quarter one, science has been very exciting for Mr. Ellington’s students, there are new experiences around every corner. ~Reese S, ZJ H, Jiani C, Jack B

Wellness - Mr. Cole

In wellness we did many things. In health we watched a video about the affects of eating too much sugar. This past month we played Trojan ball and hand ball. We also finished a track unit and frisbee unit. During the track unit we did the long jump, the shot put, 100, 400, 1 mile, and 500. In the frisbee unit we did ultimate frisbee and we did some warm ups to get ready to play. We are currently beginning soccer. ~Drew S, Shaid T, Nicholas F, Johnny C