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5th Grade

October 14, 2016

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It's hard to believe we've already come to the end of the first grading period! This week we finished up our narrative unit. We created thinking projects on the novel Loser and reflected on our first reading assessment.

Next week we will strengthen our focus on expository text. We will look at the graphic features that these texts use, along with the way writers put together facts to help us understand the topic.

I encourage your students to keep using Benchmark Universe to explore expository text. This resource is provided by the district and can be found on My Katy Cloud. The more exposure they have to this type of writing, the better they will be at both understanding the text and developing their own writing style.

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Magic Books!

Looking for a fun way to review vocabulary or study facts? Make a magic book to quiz yourself! Watch this video for step by step instructions.


Next week we will begin to discuss text features, text structures, transition words, and other characteristics of informational text. Near the end of the week, we will begin brainstorming for our next major writing piece next week. The students will create their own magazine article. The writing piece will need to be a topic that they are an expert in. This will not be a research project, so they will need to have a lot of background knowledge on the topic that they choose. I am excited to see the students write a piece that is close to their hearts!

Scholastic Book Orders

Thanks to everyone who ordered books from Scholastic! You are helping us build our classroom libraries. Look for our next book order in November.

Mrs. Mata

Ms. Lauden

Every book you order helps us build our classroom libraries with books your kids will enjoy.


Mrs. Griffin's classes had a great time today launching marshmallows with from their catapults. Mr. Krauklis' class will be testing theirs on Monday. Next week we will be learning about electrical energy and how that energy flows through a circuit.


Next week in math we will be working on dividing with 2 digit divisors. Most of our students are using the partial quotients strategy to divide. If you are unfamiliar with this strategy or would like to review, I am including a video this week to show you how it is done. Our goal is to move the students into using the traditional algorithm over the next few weeks. Homework will be given out on Monday and will be due on Thursday this week due to the early dismissal on Friday.

Partial Quotients with Friendly Numbers

Social Studies

Next week in Social Studies students will be learning about the growing tension between the colonists and Great Britain in the 1700's. Students will compare the tense relationship between the colonies and Great Britain to a strained relationship between a parent and a child.

Peanut and Nut Allergies!

Please make sure that your child does not bring anything with peanuts or nuts in it for a snack. We have a handful of students who are allergic to peanuts and nuts.

Students are allowed to bring peanut/nut foods for lunch, but for our after specials snack at 10:00 am, we would really appreciate it if they did not bring it.

Home Access Center

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