Wellness Wednesday

Heart Health Month

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Prevent Heart Disease

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, causing about 1 in 4 deaths. By living a healthy lifestyle, you can help keep your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels normal and lower your risk for heart disease and heart attack.

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Choose Healthy Habits

  • Choose Healthy Foods and Drinks
    - Choose healthy meals and snacks to help prevent heart disease and its complications. Be sure to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and fewer processed foods.

  • Keep a Healthy Weight

    - People with overweight or obesity have a higher risk for heart disease. Carrying extra weight can put extra stress on the heart and blood vessels.
  • Get a Regular Physical Activity

    - Physical activity can help you maintain a healthy weight and lower your blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.
  • Don't Smoke
    - Cigarette smoking greatly increases your risk for heart disease. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you do smoke, quitting will lower your risk for heart disease. Your doctor can suggest ways to help you quit.
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Take Charge of Your Medical Conditions

  • Manage Your Diabetes
    - If you have diabetes, monitor your blood sugar levels carefully. Talk with your health care team about treatment options. Your doctor may recommend certain lifestyle changes to help keep your blood sugar under control.
  • Check Your Cholesterol
    - Your health care team should test your blood levels of cholesterol at least once every 4 to 6 years. If you have already been diagnosed with high cholesterol or have a family history of the condition, you may need to have your cholesterol checked more often. If you have high cholesterol, medicines and lifestyle changes can help reduce your risk for heart disease.
  • Control Your Blood Pressure
    High blood pressure usually has no symptoms, so have it checked on a regular basis.
  • Work with Your Health Care Team
    - You and your health care team can work together to prevent or treat the medical conditions that lead to heart disease.
  • Take Your Medicines as Directed
    - If you take medicine to treat high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes, follow your doctor’s instructions carefully.
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Become a Wellness Champion!

What is a Wellness Champion?

Pasco Go Healthy, the District’s employee wellness program, is recruiting employees from every campus across the District (including the District Office) to serve as Wellness Champions. The Wellness Champion Network is comprised of employees who are passionate about their own health and wellbeing and are enthusiastic about motivating others to do the same. As a Wellness Champion, you will have a prominent role in creating a Culture of Wellbeing throughout the District!

Tobacco Free

Did you know Pasco County Schools is completely Tobacco Free? If you are looking for resources to help you quit, click here for information regarding tobacco cessation programs.

Support for Caregivers

Caregiving can be both rewarding and taxing, acknowledging both sides of this reality is important. The caregiver and the person being cared for each have a vested interest in exploring ways to keep things in balance. Roughly twenty percent of American adults are providing some type of care to a parent, spouse or other person. Please visit the links below to broaden your understanding of resources and ideas available to caregivers.

Additionally, if you are someone who is in a primary caregiving role, consider meeting with one of our EAP counselors to receive support for the complex thoughts, feelings and experiences caregivers often encounter. You can receive an authorization to meet with a counselor by calling New Directions Behavioral Health at 800-624-5544 anytime, day or night.


Pasco County Schools offers incentives for covered employees and retirees who complete their annual Vital Health Profile. This program is voluntary; however, participants must follow the steps outlined here in order to qualify for the 2022 incentive.

Already Completed your VHP?

Work with a My Health Onsite Health Coach to achieve your wellness goals! Talk with your My Health Onsite provider to be enrolled. Employees enrolled in the Pascofit option may be eligible to earn additional incentive rewards by completing up to 2 wellness programs with a Health Coach. More information about the wellness programs through My Health Onsite can be found here.

The HWI 1st quarter for Pascofit is January 1 - March 31, 2022. Click here for more information.