#Countonme Edgeryders

Daily headlines from our global network

Wanna see your project become headline?

Edgeryders global network is experimenting with a new format to drive support for projects all over the world: an open mailing list.

Every day, we send an email featuring 3 project headlines (see above). You can read a quick update from each project, click through and share with your friends and networks.

In return, you can get your own project updates out to everyone!

You reply to the daily email with a sentence or two about what's going on in your project and a URL if you have one, and it will be posted here the following day. Your update can be anything you want the community to know or share with their networks. Maybe you just finished some great work and you want to share it, you want to publicise your project, or you're stuck on something and need some help.

Perpetual beta means this is a test and we'll tweak it as we go, but you'll be able to opt out any time.

Sign up below via a facebook comment or email noemi[at]edgeryders[dot]eu and expect the #Countonme daily digest in your email box!

About Edgeryders

Edgeryders is a global community of people from different walks of life. What unites us is that we have decided to take personal action against the societal, environmental and economic challenges humanity is facing. Most of us have no access to the resources available to governments, corporations and large NGOs, so we tackle these challenges with what we have: ourselves, our own bodies and minds. Many of us are out to innovate, but not in the sense of making new gadgets. We aspire to a deep societal fix, for tackling the fundamental problems of expanding individual freedom, establishing a fair social deal, crafting an environmentally sustainable society.

If this sounds interesting, you are more than welcome to join our community. If you want to learn more about our social enterprise, click here.