AHS Nuclear Chemistry Research Dept

Formerly, Mrs. Moore's Chemistry Classroom - AHS Room 309

Aledo Chemistry Classroom Transformed for Nuclear Research September 19-23

Students will develop teams of 3-4 and assign roles such as: Project Manager, Technology Specialist, Resource Expert, and Project Designer. Students will select a project topic and begin research Tuesday, Sept. 20. Wednesday and Thursday will be dedicated to the final product, which is due Thursday, along with 5 critical questions from each project to be complied into a gallery walk data base. Friday is Gallery Walk day where students will get to observe all projects and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Nuclear History Project Topics

Radium Girls, Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge, TN, Uranium-235, Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Fusion, Soviet Submarine K-19, Chernobyl Disaster, Trinity Project, Bikini Atoll, Three Mile Island, Little Boy, Fat Man, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Henri Becquerel and Pierre and Marie Curie, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Medicine, Radioactivity, Hydrogen Bomb, and Nuclear Weapons.

Famous People Associated with Nuclear History

Guaranteed to be exciting and fun!

How will this project help my student in chemistry?

Nuclear chemistry is an exciting concept that is misunderstood by many. The "Atomic Age" began in 1945 after the first successful detonation of an atomic bomb in the New Mexico desert. Years of pure chemistry and research predicated that fateful day. These true stories, many of which are stranger than fiction, will help students understand the progression of atomic theory from basic models, to complex weapons, to lifesaving technology, and energy sources of the future.