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Sooooooo excited to be back with Team Robinson continuing our work to serve JROB Dolphins. I hope you had an amazing Holiday Season with family and loved ones but also took time for self-care of the mind, body, and spirit.

2019 is here and I am renewed with vigor and vitality on my WHY and PURPOSE as an educator and leader. As we prepare to enter the green gates for our next two-thirds of the school year. I challenge you to remain "daily" in the presence of your WHY and focus it toward maximizing student achievement outcomes.

At this week's staff meeting we will continue our work and study with Webb's Depth of Knowledge. Please bring your plan book for January 7-9, 2019 as we will use this to examine daily learning intentions in connection with DOK levels to instruction and tasks. Lastly, please bring your "WHY" placard that you wrote at our opening staff meeting on August 28.

See yah Monday!



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Purposeful and Focused Learning Intentions - What, Why and How..... helps to provide clarity to the daily learning intention.

As we begin this new year, I wanted to remind you about the importance of What, Why, and How, both at the beginning of the lesson AND AT THE END of the lesson. I have noticed the focus at the beginning of the lesson but wanted to refresh the importance of wrapping up the lesson with the purpose of the days learning.

Yes, yes, yes...I completely understand that not all lessons end in a perfect package of 42 minutes. With that being said, it is imperative that we end the day's learning by saying: ...today we were engaged with learning "x" and the reason this is important or will help us tomorrow will be "y". We can not just leave the learning hanging; we have to wrap up the lesson and present closure to support connection for the next day.

Also, it is important that learning supports such as SSR, Buddy Reading, POD, Word Study, Shared Reading, etc. do not become "activities that we do" without students knowing the why. WHY is crucial to making connections to the STANDARD and applying it in varied /unknown situations when applicable.

Lastly, daily learning intentions are not for me to see on the board/wall - they are for students to make connections... therefore use them for that purpose and you will begin to see student learning outcomes increase toward the expected grade level standards.

Staff Collaboration Opportunities to ensure End of Year Success and Goal ATTAINMENT

January 9 - Staff Meeting - DOK (Part 1) - in Library:


January 16 - Grade Level Collaboration

January 23 - Grade Level/Staff Meeting - Analysis of High Leverage Task - In Library

***Might want to review the 12/5 - Grade Level Next Step Meeting Notes:


Rubric and Protocol for Administering: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1usOFznGNXxv-excEopSP_BC6a04RJShqco5wR05S7gY/edit?usp=sharing

January 30 - Staff Emergency Preparedness

February 5, 6 7 & 8 - Professional Release


Elementary Achievement Reports & Middle School School Loop Periods for Semester 1

MS School Loop Grading DAtes and Deadlines

School loop opens - 1/18/2019

School loop closes - 1/30/2019

Final Grades uploaded to system 2/6/2019

Achievement Celebration - 2/22/2019

ES - Achievement Report Dates and Deadlines

End of 1st Semester - 1/25/2019

LROIX Data due - 2/1/2010

Achievement Reports due to Miller/Spenker - 2/5/2019

Achievement Reports to parents - 2/12/2019

Achievement Celebration and SOM - 2/22/2019


State of the School Celebration - 2/7 - Staff Meeting

All Grade Levels and Departments:

State of the School presentation:

- Each grade level given 3 slides(1 slide celebration, 1 slide where we are vs. Action Plan, 1 slide Next Steps)

- Grade Level department will present the 3 slides at February 7th (THURSDAY) staff meeting to district level officials

- PREPwork for this will most likely NOT take place in designated staff/grade level meeting time due to other topics


Dr. Deena Brown reminds us to examine our WORDS and their impact

Tidbits around TRIGGER WORDS in communicating with AA students:

We all have trigger words that impact our situation responses. Are "our words" engaging with students in ways that impact their situation responses? Words, Tone, Gestures, and NonBelief by the "adult" greatly affect the outcome.

Supporting Students to SUCCESS:

1. Ask questions? before you react (know the context). ** Questioning is not acceptance for "ill" behavior however it will provide you with the ability to understand what part of the expectation student needs support with.

2. Be clear with the roadmap you want for the expectations for students

3. Then, teach students how to communicate. Support them in communicating the language: My expectation is for you to do.......

Dr. Brown Session #3 - 2/20/2019

SUCCESS Strategies for Re-Engaging the African American Male Student

Please review the video prior to our meeting:


SEL is not a "new BUZZ" but the BUZZ 4 Student Success

Click the embedded link to understand the RESEARCH Data around LBUSD's Frame for the Foundational Core beliefs for classrooms and school communities

GFS Setting the New Year Off Right with GFS Assemblies 1/7(ES) & 1/8(MS)

ES Schedule:

3rd @ 8:15

KAM - Rm 2 - 8:45

4th - 9:15

2nd - 9:45

1st - 10:15

KPM - 11:45

5th - 1:15

MS Schedule:


Common Language Of Expectations with Referrals:

Please review the embedded link:


STOIC....Consistency in Building a Community of Kindness in #JROBNATION

Technology:Teacher Monitoring helps to ensure CHROMEBOOK LONGEVITY and PRODUCTIVITY

Management Tips:

- Assign each student a specific CHROMEBOOK that they will use on a daily basis.

- Keep a list of your students and the number CHROMEBOOK that they have been assigned.

- CHROMEBOOK should be assigned a number and go back to its numbered carrel charging station each day.

- Stand next to students when they are removing CHROMEBOOKS from the cart.

- Develop a traffic flow and routine of how students come up to get their CHROMEBOOK. each student should carry their CHROMEBOOK with two hands.

- Keep food and drinks away from the CHROMEBOOKS.

- Remind students not to write or lean on the CHROMEBOOK while they are on their desks.

- Ensure that students do not lift the CHROMEBOOK by the monitor.

- Walk around the room and monitor students they are working on the CHROMEBOOKS. **This is not a time for teachers to be at their desk grading papers**

- Remind students of lack of privacy with district provided Google account

- Use CTRL + H to review browsing history of a student on a CHROMEBOOK

- Report any damage immediately to the LBUSD helpdesk....xsoto@lbschools.net

- Keep the CHROMEBOOK cart locked when not in use.

**** EXCEPT for DR. Miller, SPENKER & Dr. HOSN - DO let anyone borrow CHROMEBOOKs from your cart or use your CHROMEBOOK cart outside of your assigned pair*****


This parent bulletin is sent via: email and text message to parents each week. It is also available on our school's website.

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