Nanuq Parent Weekly Update

Friday, August 11th, 2023

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Upcoming Events

August 15th

  • Back-to-School Barbecue

August 17th

  • 1st day of school for 1st-6th grade

August 21st

  • 1st Monday Delayed start. School starts at 10:00 AM

August 24th

  • 1st day for Pre-K and Kindergarten

August 28th

  • Monday Delayed start. School starts at 10:00 AM

August 31st

  • Open House 5:00-7:00 PM
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Student Handbook

Here is a link to this year's Anchorage School District Student Handbook:

Below there is also a button to download the document.


Volunteer Applications
Volunteers support ASD’s commitment and service. As a reminder, volunteers must resubmit their applications annually to be vetted by the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement. The application is available now and can be accessed online or by paper.

If you are planning on volunteering or chaperoning this year, please be sure to fill out the application now so that you are ready to volunteer. We hate having to turn people away the day of the event because they have not submitted their applications. Even if you sent one last year, it is a requirement to turn one in every year.

For more information about volunteering with the district and requirements go to:

Online Registration and Enrollment

If you have not registered or enrolled your child yet please visit this website for more information: or call 907-742-5000 for assistance.

If your child is not registered by August 14th, they will not be on a class list for the Back-To-School Barbecue.

Neighborhood families, it is especially important for you to register your students. If we do not have students registered and enrolled it makes it difficult to create class lists and assign the combo grades. It also cause the district to consider whether we need all of the teachers we are assigned.

Thank you to all of the families that have already completed registration! Please be sure to check in with friends and relatives and make sure they have completed their registration too.

Student Nutrition

We are no longer a CEP school, which means that we will not have 100% free and reduced Breakfast and Lunch.

Here is the link to the online application for Free and Reduced Lunch:

We will have paper applications and people available to help with completing the application at the Back-to-School Barbecue.

Here is the link to purchase breakfast and lunch online:

School Supply List

Here is a link to the School Supply List:

Below is a button to download the document.

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Back-To-School Barbecue

Our Back-to-School Barbecue is scheduled for August 15th from 4 PM- 6 PM.

We will have hot dogs, chips, drinks and cookies provided by our school business partner, Alaska Railroad. We will have music and lots of fun. You will be able to see class lists and meet your teacher.

Our PTA will have a table, they will be selling school supply packs and spirit gear. You can also sign up for membership. If you sign up prior to the first meeting you will be entered into a drawing for tickets from the AK Railroad.

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PLC Monday Delayed Start

Elementary Schools will start at 10:00 AM on Mondays.

According to the district, “Families may still drop their student(s) off at the regular start time. This will allow families to have an option for a consistent drop off time every day as we adjust to this change in the student day. While teachers participate in their professional development, other staff members will be onsite to supervise students”.

Please consider all options prior to utilizing the option to drop off at our school. Our school is very different from other schools because we are 100% parent transportation or walking school. Schools with bus transportation will have students dropped off at 10:00 AM alleviating some of the supervisory responsibility of the school.

The drop off procedure will remain the same Monday-Friday. Students in grades K-1 will be at the Little Playground. Students in grades 2-6 (including the 1/2 combo classes) will be at the Big Playground.

Inclement Weather Policy:

In the morning if it is 0 or below students will come into the building. However, at recess the temperature when students come in is -10 below. PLEASE be sure your child has the proper gear to be outside.

*The plan will possibly be altered as the weather gets colder and I am able to assess how many students are needing this service regularly.


Because we are no longer a CEP school we will be having breakfast in the cafeteria.

Monday breakfast will be served 9:30-9:50. Students that get to school prior to 9:30 will be asked if they are getting breakfast and will line up to go to the cafeteria. Monday breakfast is a cold breakfast option only.

Tuesday through Friday breakfast will be in the cafeteria served from 8:30-8:50. Remember this year breakfast and lunch is no longer free to everyone. You will need to complete a free and reduced application. Otherwise, students will be charged for breakfast/lunch.


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Faculty and Staff

Our Faculty and staff are all AMAZING! You can see a complete list on our school website at this link:

I would like to mention names of a few new teachers and some changes that were made to staffing as well.


Mr. Mark Heysell. He will be our part time PE teacher along with our full time PE teacher Mr. Naber.

Ms. Bernide Beaujuin. She will be one of our SPED Resource Teachers.

Mrs. Melissa Rodriguez. She will be the long term substitute in the 6th grade Immersion (English) classroom.

Mr. Colin Baker. He will be the long term substitute in the 1/2 Neighborhood classroom.

Ms. Sarah Thomas. She will be our part time counselor; shared with Ptarmigan Elementary School.

WELCOME (New Positions to this school year)...

Ms. Rose Leadford. She will be our part time Reading Interventions; shared with Eagle River Elementary School.

Sondra Burgess. She will be our professional learning teachings expert; shared with four other schools.

Changes from last year

Mr. Price is moving from 6th grade to be our Health teacher.

Mr. Elliott will be teaching a 1/2 combo this year.

Mrs. Rodriguez will be joining our SPED Resource Team.

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At the back to school barbecue you will be able to sign up for your child's developmental profile interview. This is a time where teacher's get to know you and your child, you can share important information about your child and the teacher can begin to assessments.

There will also be a Kindergarten Academy on August 22nd where students can attend a 2 hour session to get a sneak peak of the classroom, routines and recess prior to the official start on August 24th.


Below is a video about safety procedures in the parking lot. It was made for the return from COVID. The general parking procedures stand. Please ignore the request to wear masks in the parking lot, it is no longer a requirement. As well as the final statement about seeing everyone on Tuesday. We start school this year on Thursday, August 17th.
Safe parking
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There will be supervision available outside starting at 8:30 Monday through Friday.

Kinder and First grade go to the Little Playground.

2nd through 6th grade (including the 1/2 combo classes) will go to the big playground.

Monday the bell rings at 9:50. Students need to be in class by 10:00.

Tuesday through Friday the first bell rings at 8:50. Students need to be in class at 9:00. Announcements will be done after the final bell.

If students arrive after the start of the school day, they should go to the front office doors and enter through the office.

ONLY kindergarten will dismiss at 3:20 this year.

Kindergarten will dismiss from their classroom doors.

1st through 6th grade will dismiss at 3:30.

The Intermediate classes (4-6th grade) will wait by the Art/Health Doors.

First Grade waits by the Little Playground.

The 1/2 Combo classes, 2nd and 3rd grade wait near the main entrance.

PICK UP IS FROM 3:30-3:45.

At 3:45 all remaining students will come back into the building and parents will have to sign them out. Although the office staff is available to monitor students starting at 3:45 for emergency situations, this should not be the plan for everyday pick up. If you have extenuating circumstances please email or talk to me.

Please try to schedule appointments outside of the school day. However, if it is required to pick up your child, please pick up prior to 3:00. 3:00-3:30 is an especially busy time in the office.


PTA will be at the Back-To-School Barbecue selling spirit gear, school supply boxes and signing up members. If you become a member prior to the first PTA meeting your name will be entered into a drawing for 4 round trip tickets to Denali on Alaska Railroad.

The first PTA meeting is scheduled for September 14th starting at 4:30 PM. Food and daycare will be provided.

PTA is looking for volunteers to help plan Run to the Future. If you are interested please contact me and I will forward the information to PTA.

Here is a link to the member hub (you can purchase supply boxes, memberships, and school spirit gear):

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Student Accident and Sickness Coverage


This is a reminder that Anchorage School District does not provide medical coverage for student injuries. However, ASD has made available an option for families to purchase a low-cost student accident insurance program. Information is available at the school's front office, online at, or by calling 800-827-4695. Bilingual services are available.

Below is a button to download the document.

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through email at, call me at 907-742-5045, or fill out this form I am also available on Facebook Messenger.
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