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What are the three levels of parliament?

There are three levels of parliament The Federal Parliament, The State and Territory Parliaments and The Local Councils,
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There is one Federal Parliament, six State Parliaments, two Territory Parliaments and more than fifty Local Councils.

Federal: The Federal Parliament looks after The whole of Australia. The Federal Parliament has the power to overwright laws made by States, Territories and local Councils.

State and Territory: The State and Territory Parliaments look after there bit of the county. The State Parliament can do more then the Territory Parliaments.

Local: The Local Council saddly can only pass laws in there Local area. We live in Hornsby Shire.

What is in Parliament House?

Parliament House includes the house of reps and the senate but also includes around 4500 rooms most open to the public and these rooms include Squash courts a post office and a hair dresser. It is home to over 3500 works of art. Parliament House is actually five buildings connected by walkways.

Some Australian Parties,

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How are laws created?

Bills are new laws created and also old laws needing to be fixed. To pass a law everyone in the house of reps and the senet must vote yes or no on the bill. Most people in the house of reps and the senate must vote yes for the bill to be passed to the Queen and governer general to approve. Bills can take months to become laws or a few days.

How are Territories different from States?

Any land within Australias national border that is not claimed by a state is called a territory. Territories do not have the right to have their own goverment or pass laws as the states do. The Australian Federal Goverment makes the laws for territories. Basically if the Federal parliament tells them to do something the Territory must obey. The state goverments get to stand up and say no and change laws about their state.

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