Bold School Book Study

May 21st: Chapters 1 & 2

Objectives for the Session

Learning Objectives:

  • Book Study Plan & Schedule
  • Blended Learning that Works: How Bold Schools Do It
  • Bold School Framework

Success Criteria:

  • I understand the full purpose & strategic plan of the Bold School Book Study.
  • I can explain how Bold School uses Blended Learning to enhance effective instruction.
  • I understand how the Bold School Framework can be implemented to improve instruction in my classroom.

Bell Work: Let's get started!

Go to your email, click on the waffle, and open Teams.

In the bottom left corner, click on Join or Create a Team and enter in code:


Share what your goal is for this book study by posting in the Conversation!

This or That?

Rigor & Relevance Framework Stations

As a four groups, we will rotate through 4 stations to breakdown Chapter 2. You will have about 10 minutes per station. Please rotate clockwise.

Go to the Bold School TEAM for Station Instructions.


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Watch this between now and our next meeting.

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