Spring 2015 AVID Conference

By Carlos Martinez

My strengths as a 7th grade student are...

One of my strengths as a 7th grade student is being able to stay on top of my grades. I wasn't so good with time management last semester but this semester i have done very good!

My struggles as a 7th grade student are...

One of my struggles as a 7th grade student is having to work in a loud environment or place. It really bothers me when its loud and i cant concentrate even if their just one voice thats is voice level 1 or whisper it bothers me and distracts me.


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My Extra-Curricular involvement and why this is important for the future:

My Extra-Curricular involvement this year has been playing in my favorite sport soccer! This is important for the future because I made varsity. This is important because I want to be a professional soccer player when i am older. In high school they look back at your school record and if you've played that sport you're joining they will look back at your history and if you've made varsity or junior varsity. Some schools have teams by letters, A team, B team, C team etc. This will help them ivaluate you and have an eye on you to give scholarships to you or other good players!

My GPA graph and my goal!

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My overall G.P.A last semester was 2.1, that wasnt very good. My goal was to reach 2.5 but I did not achieve that. My lowest grades last semester was L-Arts and Algebra I both had a D In them. I was focusing in improving my grade's by turning in assignments and it did help a little but I learned from it that it is easier to make up an assignment or turn one in as soon as possible because later the missing assignments pile up and it is a struggle!