I Am Me

By Vincent Liu

I Like New Technology

I like new technology such as new smartphones. A smartphone I like and use is the Samsung Galaxy S3. I use it so often that I drain the battery each day.

I Am Chinese

My parents are directly from China and I was born in Illinois. I went to China multiple times and when I was little I lived there for a couple of years. Chinese was also my first language I learned because it was easier for my parents to teach me Chinese first and then English.

I'm A Lazy Person

I'm quite lazy because I would often choose something that would require more thinking than work. I also dislike physical labor. In group projects I would often let others do the physical work and I would be the one coming up with the ideas.

I Am Not Skilled At Sports

I have little talent in sports such as basketball, football, and soccer. When I was young I was always working on my studies so I had no time to work on sports. The only sport I'm good at is badminton. I am horrible at many sports because of my lack of coordination.

I Like Tea

Tea is one of my favorite things to drink. I prefer tea leaves over tea bags because tea leaves are fresher. The type of tea I mostly drink is Chinese tea. I also only drink tea in the morning.

I Like Japan

I like many Japanese things. I like some Japanese food such as sushi and udon, a type of noodle. I also enjoy watching anime, which Japan is quite popular for. I will also go on a trip to Japan when I'm older.