Anne Frank

By: Rush Nichols

Anne Frank

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Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1927 in Frankfurt Germany. Anne lived in Amsterdam with her family during World War 2. Anne wanted to have a normal life and be a writer but there was one problem. Anne was a holocaust victim was a holocaust victim. Later on in life Anne Frank was killed at age 15.

Anne's Diary

This is a symbol of Anne's diary. Anne loves to go and write in her diary when something happens. She never puts down her diary and goes everywhere with it. Anne treats her diary like her best friend. Anne want to express her Feeling to someone and she expresses them in her dairy.

Have courage no matter what the obsticle is

The theme have courage no matter what the obstacle is, is shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. Anne had courage because she is trying not to go to bed because she is worried that she will get bad nightmares. (380-381) In her diary it says that “Every time I hear a creak in the house or a foot step on the street, I’m sure they’re coming for us”. This shows courage because Anne is really scared but she fought through it. Mrs.Van Daan shows courage because she gave her favorite jacket away. This shows courage because Mrs. Van Daan had to get rid of something she loves and moved on with life. Finally Anne had courage when the green police came and took her away. It says “It seems our stay here is over and I only have 5 minutes to pack.”(433). Anne shows courage because she knows that she will not live or make it out.


The theme have love was shown The Diary of Anne Frank. Anne loves to read books. This an an example of love because whenever she's mad she goes to her diary and rights it down. It say “Dear diary you are my best friend so I will be telling you everything.” (372) Another example is Anne really loves to talk to peter. It say “ for someone to talk to and someone that understands and someone young to feel like I feel.This is an example of love because she can have someone to talk to. (418). Lastly Anne really love to talk. It say” Do you ever stop talking. Do you suppose you can be still for at least 5 minutes”. This is an example of love because Anne really has a pashinent to talk.(387). Anne shows a lot of love throughout the book.