Hover boards

By: Dominic Tinnirello


Dominic Tinnirello

Mrs. VanKlingeren

Computers 5th Hour

18 March 2015

Introduction paragraph

Hi everyone my name is Dominic and I chose my topic because I think hover boards our cool and I wanted to know if they actually exist. The reason I think there cool is that they can make things float that could revolutionize the world like instead of having regular shelves you could have shelves that float and could move on their own and we could have robots that would be much faster than us so they could do some of the jobs that we can’t do like lift things that are 20 times the size of it and then move it somewhere else.

How Hover Boards Work

The magnetic field

The Hendo hover boards create an electromagnetic field that makes them hover the ones that are created right now only can be used on a certain area.
Riding the Hendo hoverboard
Hendo Hoverboard: The World's First Hoverboard