AP Environmental Science

APES with Ms Blast is a BLAST!

What is APES?

AP Environmental Science is the best class to learn about everything. It's relevant, it's relatable, it's pertinent. Combine current events, politics, geology, biology, chemistry, physics, and math into ONE AP class! Take comfort in knowing you'll be prepared for the real world because you've learned how to discuss, debate, and apply information. Also know you'll be prepared for the AP exam, because Ms Blast is a reader for the exam!!

Benefits of this Class

  • 10 GPA Points!
  • A NEW, UPDATED textbook!
  • Will help you relate all of your other classes!
  • Satisfies AVID requirements!
  • Taking this science with another is 110% MANAGEABLE!
  • The teacher KNOWS the AP Exam from a grader perspective
  • Enjoy field trips to places like the Perot museum!
  • Earn a 3 or higher on the College Board Exam, and get $100!!!!!!