Virginia: A Writer

The history of an imaginitive writer

I'm a Writer Who...

I am a writer who is imaginative, reflective, and eager. I like made up and true stories. I will look around and see a story. I use ideas of other people but I change it. I like looking at objects and putting them in my story.

A Memerable Experience

One year I was doing a reading project and I was reading a book called Breadcrumbs. It was a good but I didn't finish it. Luckily my friend read it and she could tell me what happened. Then I got to finish my project. I still feel bad because I didn't finish the book. I should have finished the book.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

1. I want to write about three different long stories. They don't have to be really really long.
2. I want to help at least four people get ideas for their stories.
3. I want to write about three different genres.
4. I want to not get off track a lot

About Me

I have two brothers and two sisters. I like to go to the lake with my dad and my brothers. I have a fat cat Rocky. My brother and I like to wrestle a lot in the dark. I like to do a lot of sports,