Law School to Football

By Michael Stringer

CHICAGO 12, CHICAGO 12 SET HUT! That was a sound of a quarterback calling the count to the players on the field. These players are lucky that they know how to play football. The coach are the ones responsible to teach them. The Eagle's coach, Jim Rome is one of the best coaches out there. This website shows why Jim Rome is the best coach in the world. Read on.

What is a hero? Who is your hero?

A hero is someone who made a positive impact in someone's life My hero is my football coach and his name is Jim Rome. He is one of the best coaches I had in my many years playing football. When I was young, I saw my older brothers Tim and Matt play football and coach Rome was their coach. He yelled a lot and made everyone run laps because someone wasn't paying attention or messing around. Everyday Tim would just work and work to get better at football so Rome can play him more. He always tell me how good of a coach coach Rome was. Even though he screams a lot. The more talkative a coach is the better.

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Jim Rome had the chance to go to Harvard and Oxford and he went to both schools to be a lawyer and after all that he decides to be a football coach.

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What is a hero? A hero is someone, male or female, that helps others in a positive way!

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Jim rome is like Denzel Washington because Denzel believed that it doesn't matter if your black, blue, pink, or white to play football. Rome believed if your on the team then you belong on the team.

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Oxford and harvard are the two best college schools in the world! Which one is better? Read and find out!