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Amazing Kids


Sue and Lori P.'s student
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LL Cool Tech Tool Tips

O&M Quick Checklist

Children who can benefit from Orientation & Mobility Referrals

* moderate to severe visual impairment – no vision or functions as a blind child

* limited midrange and distance vision (less than three to five feet viewing distance)

* dual sensory loss (vision and hearing)

* depth perception (misses surface level changes in familiar and unfamiliar environments) steps, curbs, changes in terrain, playground borders, etc.

* anticipated to be a future cane user

* bumps into furniture, objects, people

* needs assistance with movement

* safety concerns

* hesitation or insecurity in movement

* dependent on visual models or prefers to have hand held to move

* dependent of others to locate objects, landmarks, or plays in one certain area

* difficulty with contrast changes (cement to grass, playground surface to sidewalk, etc.

* vision reduced in either bright light or dim light

* need a protective device when moving (push toys)

* difference in movement in a familiar environment versus an unfamiliar environment

* parent concerns with child’s movement skills

Please call your O&M to discuss children that exhibit any or all of the above checklist indicators. Your O&M is happy to discuss children on a case-by-case basis with you and to coordinate and collaborate with you for an evaluation or if you need suggestions for movement activities for individual children. Your Lead Teacher could also assist with determining if child is an appropriate O&M referral.

WRITE Group Meeting

The Monster at the End of this Book By: Jon Stone Read By: Ambra Spry

Ambra Spry, VI teacher with the ELSSP-VI demonstrates how she reads a book with voices and props to keep her students engaged. What a wonderful talent to promote literacy at a young age.

Sweet TEA Meeting

Professional Development Opportunities

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NCCAT video
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March 7 - Vanessa Bishop

March 30 - Jennifer Simmons

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