Issues Research Paper

English 11


This document has been put together to help you successfully complete your research paper on current issue. All resources you need: print, database, websites, citations, can be found here.

Print Resources

There are many up-to-date print resources in the library that address current issues in society. Be sure to use an "anywhere" or "subject" search to search your topic in our catalog (OPAC).

A few issue series that we have in the library are:

  • Taking Sides (do a "title" search)
  • At Issue (do a "title series" enhanced search)
  • In Controversy (do a "title series" enhanced search)
  • Social Issues in America (encyclopedia REF 361.973 SOC)

Please use the OPAC to look up resources on your specific research topic.

*Remember- We do not have a separate reference section anymore. All of our books are interfiled. Books may still be labeled "REF" but you will find them filed in the appropriate Dewey area. Check with Mrs. Allen to see if you can check out certain reference items.

Citing Your Sources

  • Be sure to go to OSLIS Citation Maker to cite all text sources.
  • Use in-text citations next to all information that is not common knowledge or is directly quoted.

For additional citation information/help, please consult Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL).

Sample MLA Works Cited page and in-text citations

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