Spies of the Civil War

OO7's of the Civil War

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Life as a spy

Spies were always in constant danger. Many of the spies were shot to death or lynched if they were discovered.

The "Secret Line"

The "Secret Line" was a change of couriers (or messengers) that carried secret coded messages about the other sides army, food supplies etc.

Civil war Spies

There was a rare amount of spies during the war but when there was there was a lot of corruption and espionage that followed behind them. According to History.com it says that "Though neither the Union nor the Confederacy had a formal military intelligence network during the Civil War, each side obtained crucial information from spying or espionage operations" (History.com).

Confederate spies in Washington

D.C. was full of southern spies. When the Civil War broke out. The Governor of Virginia John Letcher, used his knowlege of D.C.to set up his own MI6 in the capital in late April 1861, after his state seceded but before it officially joined the Confederacy. And the spy idea later flowed into the Union.
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Pauline Cushman

Pauline Cushman was a struggling actress and spy for the Union. When her husband died she left her children with family and went back to acting. She was later approached by Confederate sympathizers and was asked to toast Jefferson Davis, after that she reported the incident to the Union. She later toasted Davis saying “Here’s to Jefferson Davis and the Southern Confederacy. May the South always maintain her honor and her rights!” Later the Northern theatre found out and fired her. However, Paula became the darling of the South. Union Colonel William Truesdail directed her to go past Confederate lines and get information. She was later caught and hanged. JK!! she was saved by Union soldiers. She drew to much attention to herself and was fired. So instead she traveled the world. But in 1893 she died of a drug overdose.
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