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October 28th, 2019

Busy Weeks at MMA

This week was filled with enriching learning experiences for our students. Check out some of the highlights below. This week will also be exciting with Red Ribbon Spirit Week and Halloween happening.

Please remember that no costumes may be worn on Halloween and students should not bring candy to school. During Red Ribbon Spirit Week, dress code should be honored, except for the one spirit item designated each day. Please do not allow children to wear anything with inappropriate pictures or words.

Have a beautiful week and stay safe,


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Red Ribbon Week Event Schedule

Red Ribbon Week, sponsored by the National Family Partnership, serves as a catalyst to mobilize communities to educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities. MMA is very fortunate that MAPA organizes our Red Ribbon Week activities. Below you will find the schedule of activities for this week.

Red Ribbon / Spirit / Halloween Week - Next Week

*Students should be in dress code, other than what is listed below for each day.*

M Oct. 28 - Door Decorating; Grade color wear

T Oct. 29 - Mismatched or crazy socks

W Oct. 30 - Crazy hair

Th Oct. 31 - Wear a team jersey/shirt & 1st Place Door Prize pizza party

Fri Nov. 1 - Wear a sweatshirt / hoodie

Red Ribbon Week Guest Speaker

Red Ribbon Week kicked off last Tuesday, October 22nd when guest speaker and life coach Katherine Lia shared a message with our students about the power of a positive attitude and our own thoughts, more specifically that “you are not your thoughts; you are a thinker of your thoughts.

Katherine’s experiential presentation engaged students using meditation techniques and practicing mindfulness. While this may seem irrelevant to the Red Ribbon theme initially, the take home message here is that each person is in control of their own thoughts, mind and body, no one else. By applying the techniques Katherine has taught to their daily lives, students ultimately have the tools they need to help them avoid negative and unhealthy practices.

Ballet West at MMA 10.25.19

Ballet West

Dancers from Ballet West graced our students with a mini-performance on Friday, accompanied by music from Sleeping Beauty. This is video of them warming up before our show.

Do you hear that beautiful surround sound in the big gym?! That is our newly installed sound system! Thank you all for working so hard fundraising for this sound system at the Fun Run last year. Let's do it again at this year's Fun Run (coming soon!) where we are raising funds for infrastructure for our new gym (stage curtains, bleachers, padding for team sports and a scoreboard).

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Overheard . . .

While doing an assessment in the hall, a lower elementary student makes a bzzz sound and says, "Excuse me - I have to take a call." The student walks a discreet distance away and taps his ear as if a bluetooth. "Oh yes, hello Ms. Holly. Oh, you need me back? Ok. Great, love you too. Bye." Student returns to his assessment and tells the test proctor - Ms. Holly says I can only do two more and then I have to go back to class.

Congrats Ryder!

MMA would like to congratulate Ryder after playing on North Ogden Junior High's football team this fall. He was able to balance academics and responsibilities at MMA and play football.

He has taken advantage of one of the wonderful benefits of being at a charter school - you get the individualized instruction and attention at MMA and are still eligible to play/do any extracurricular activity offered at your district zoned school that is not offered at MMA.

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Halloween Safety Tips

Tips for safety enjoying Halloween with children from

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Coach's Corner

Do you ever wonder what your child is talking about when they come home? What is this lingo that they are speaking? This is a great resource of Montessori terminology a library of terms:

Development of the Will

The ability to will, or choose to do something with conscious intent, develops gradually during the first phase of life and is strengthened through practice. The Montessori environment offers many opportunities for the child to choose. Willpower, or self-control, results from the many little choices of daily life in a Montessori school.


The adult in a Montessori environment does not teach in the traditional sense. Rather she shows the child how to use the various objects and then leaves her free to explore and experiment. This act of showing is called a presentation. To be effective, it must be done slowly and exactly, step by step, and with a minimum of words.

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28--Junior High Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-ups Open

28--MMA Fun Run donations open


1--MAPA Meeting @ 8:45am

4--MMA Fun Run Pep Rally

8--Classic Skating Spirit Night (5:00pm-9:00pm)

12--MMA Board Meeting, 5:30pm

13--MMA Fun Run

14--Parent Education Night 5:30-7:00pm

18--Elementary Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-ups Open

21-22--Junior High Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:00-7:00pm

21--MAPA Gratitude Feast @ 12:00pm

22--Cultural Festival 1-3pm

25-26--Teacher Compensation Day; No School

27-29--Thanksgiving Break; No School


6--MAPA Meeting @ 8:45am

9--Elementary Concert @ 5:30pm

10--Elementary Play @ 5:30pm

11--Junior High Concert @ 5:30pm

12--Junior High Play @ 5:30pm

17-19--Elementary Parent-Teacher Conferences; Early Release

17-19--Book Fair

20--Professional Development; No School

23-31--Winter Break; No School

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